Swim Outlet

Support the Unsyncables by purchasing your favorite items from Swim Outlet, and 8%-10% of each purchase will go back to the team.


Help the team raise money by using SCRIP offered by Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC). There are three forms of scrip, but we are only using ScripNow eCard to keep it simple. Start by going to the website: ShopWithScrip.com. IF YOU ARE ALREADY ENROLLED YOU JUST LOG IN AND START SHOPPING PER STEP 4.

  1. Visit ShopWithScrip.com and click on
    1. Join The Unsyncables with Enrollment Code: EB94CB2B43988
  2. Set up your personal account
  3. Set up Presto Pay ($ comes directly out of your bank account just like a debit card)
    1. Click on Presto Pay under family functions on your dashboard
    2. Enter bank account information (site is secure)
    3. GLSC will deposit 2 small amounts into your bank account to verify
    4. You will receive an email with an approval codes for these deposits
    5. Send approval code to Vickie Beckwith (vbeckwit@aol.com)
    6. Vickie Beckwith will send you an email when account is confirmed
  4. Start shopping after you get confirmation email. (use Shop tab)
    1. SELECT VENDOR -Unfortunately, ScripNow eCards are not available for all vendors. When you open a vendor such as Amazon.com you will be given three options (Physical card symbol in blue ; Scrip Now exclamation mark in RED (if available) or Green star symbol for reloading). YOU CAN ONLY BUY SCRIP NOW eCARDS FROM PLACES THAT HAVE A RED EXCLAMATION MARK. If it is gray it is not available.
    2. Make Sure you click on the RED exclamation mark before you order
    3. Enter dollar amount you want and order (follow prompts)
    4. You can Reload Cards that you purchased in previous years. However, do not order physical gift cards at this time, as you will not receive the cards in a timely manner. The process is more complex and has a very long delivery delay time
  5. Getting what you ordered -- get your certificate as follows:
    1. Click on dashboard tab
    2. Click on ScripNow
    3. Click on Claim your scrip – print (or access by Alt Option below)
    4. Alternative Option – Access by using mobile device with “My SCRIP wallet” – This is NOT an app but a website that you download to your phone/desktop. Sign in and follow same steps above.

Don’t hesitate to call me for more detailed information. Vickie’s cell is (310)345-8710 or email me: vbeckwit@aol.com